Protecting Pork From Farm to Fork

Pigs are picky about their environments. So it’s critical pests are eliminated from every pig housing structure. BASF provides a portfolio of research-based pest control solutions to help swine farms solve current and emerging rodent challenges.

As industry leaders in animal health, food safety and biosecurity, BASF can help you create an integrated pest management program that protects your swine operation from pests and the damage they cause.



BASF has cutting-edge remedial and preventive insecticide solutions for knocking down flies on poultry, dairy and swine farms.


Take on even the worst rat and mice infestations while saving valuable time and money with rodenticides from BASF.


Roaches are common in swine facilities but you can’t have a common approach — especially for pyrethroid-resistant strains.


BASF offers powerful off-animal mosquito control solutions for the interior and exterior of any size hog operation.

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Cockroach Bait


Rodent Bait

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