Your Operation Depends on You. You Can Depend on BASF.

Pests will find a way to threaten even the most meticulously run poultry and livestock facilities. As challenges evolve, BASF can prepare you for tomorrow with a rotation of solutions and different modes of action. Our our insecticides and Selontra® rodent bait, are engineered to protect the food supply from farm to fork as well as provide cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Darkling Beetle

Win the battle against beetles with proven active ingredients and a smarter integrated pest management program.


BASF has cutting-edge remedial and preventive insecticide solutions for knocking down flies on poultry, dairy and swine farms.


Take on even the worst rat and mice infestations while saving valuable time and money with rodenticides from BASF.
Solution - Bed Bugs (Broiler / Breeder)

Bed Bugs

Broiler and nested layer operations are susceptible to bed bugs infestations which can then spread to other buildings on the site.


Roaches are common in swine facilities but you can’t have a common approach — especially for pyrethroid-resistant strains.


BASF offers powerful off-animal mosquito control solutions for the interior and exterior of any size hog operation.