Selontra® Rodent Bait

Selontra® Rodent Bait

Benefits of Selontra® Rodent Bait

  • Fast colony kill: Controls infestations in seven days in U.S. field trials
  • Efficient use of bait: Allows for shorter baiting programs, less bait to kill populations, and reduced time and waste
  • Effective resistance management: Kills anticoagulant-resistant rodents

Regain control of your operations with Selontra® rodent bait. With its fast colony kill1 and impressive labor savings, Selontra rodent bait gives poultry producers the power to take on even the worst rat and mice infestations while saving valuable time and money. It controls entire infestations in just seven days1 which lowers both labor and material costs. Its shortened baiting program requires less bait, and the stop-feed action of the active ingredient, cholecalciferol, can make a little go a long way: rodents eating enough for a lethal dose leave more for the rest of the colony2.

Selontra rodent bait is effective against anticoagulant-resistant rodents3, and it demonstrates proven palatability1 even when desirable food sources are available. With a durability that holds up in extreme hot and cold environments, Selontra rodent bait creates less waste.

Use the materials and selling tools on this page to ensure your PMPs and their customers understand the benefits of new Selontra rodent bait for fast, efficient, effective rodent control.

Fast colony kill and proven palatability

Mice Consumption: Pre-Baiting, Baiting with Selontra Rodent Bait, and Post-Baiting

BASF U.S. Field Trial – NC Pig Farm (2016).

100% colony control achievedIn spite of attractive food sources (e.g. pig feed), mice readily fed on Selontra rodent bait early in the baiting period.

Roof Rats Consumption: Pre-Baiting, Baiting with Selontra Rodent Bait, and Post-Baiting

BASF U.S. Field Trial – Indiana Grain Farm, Site 1 (2017).

100% colony control achieved. No feeding on Selontra rodent bait after day 3 indicates mice stopped feeding. Significant feeding on Selontra rodent bait in spite of attractive competing food sources (e.g. grain)

Effective at killing anticoagulant resistant rodents

Holds up in tough environments

  • Does not melt in hot, humid temperatures as high as 177˚ F
  • Durable in temperatures as low as 0˚ F
  • Demonstrates minimal water uptake in submersion testing

Feed rodents their last meal

Wipe out rodent infestations and protect your poultry operation with a more efficient baiting protocol that saves you time and money. Contact your BASF Sales Representative to learn more.


Controls infestations in 7 days in US Field Trials — Indiana Grain Farm (2017); NC Pig Farm (2016)
2 Prescott, C.V., El-Amin, Vusa, and Smith, R.H. “Calciferols and Bait Shyness in the Laboratory Rat”. Proceedings of the Fifteenth Vertebrate Pest Conference 1992. Paper 64. Whisson, Desley, “Rodenticides for Control of Norway Rats, Roof Rats, and House Mice”. University of California Cooperative Extension, Poultry Fact Sheet No. 23, 1996
3 E.F. Marshall. Cholecalciferol: A Unique Toxicant for Rodent Control. Proceedings of the Eleventh Vertebrate Pest Conference 1984. p. 95-98.
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